4 Reasons to Use Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

written on 2020, Mar, 24 00:17

amazon fba product research

The success of any Amazon business depends on finding profitable products to sell. There are millions of items that one can sell on Amazon - but the question is, how can one find the right ones? To find good products, sellers have to research the market and the best selling items thoroughly. Sellers can achieve this by either conducting a manual search or an automated search. 

Manual searches are tedious and time consuming. It means combing though the huge amazon product database without the help of a software. On the other hand, an automated search is fast and efficient because the seller uses an amazon product research software to analyze products and competition. 

What is Amazon Product Research?

Product research refers to the process of analyzing items and market trends with a view of identifying those that would sell best in the Amazon marketplace. Just try an amazon sales calculator for your business. The purpose of undertaking this kind of research is to find products that one can sell at a profit. 

There are several things that sellers should pay attention to when they are conducting amazon product analysis when conducting product search. These include:

  • Weight of items and size of the products 
  • Level of competition and demand of the products 
  • Problems that the products might have that needs to be addressed
  • The selling price and profit margins of the products 

To earn money on Amazon, sellers should opt to sell:

  • Small sized, lightweight products
  • Items that are on high demand and that can sell throughout the year
  • Items have low competition or that are not being sold by big companies
  • Products that have room for improvement 
  • Items that have a decent profit margin 
  • Items that have a selling price of not more than $18 or less than $10
  • Items that are not fragile and have no legal issues

Why Every Seller Needs an Amazon Research Tool

An amazon product finder is one of the most important tools that every seller needs to develop strategies for his or her Amazon business. There are numerous benefits that such a tool offers sellers. These include:

Research Tools Save Time for Sellers

Product research can be a time-consuming and arduous task that takes even the most experienced Amazon sellers several hours to complete. If you are a beginner, you could spend days doing this kind of research. Considering that you have other tasks like fulfilling orders, managing feedback, and reviews, using research tools for to conduct Amazon FBA product research  can save you many hours and energy by giving you the results you need in just minutes.

Amazon Market Research helps Sellers Reduce Risk

Sellers who conduct product research using the best amazon tools reduce the risk of starting businesses that do not perform well. Product finder tools ensure that This is because finding the right items to sell on Amazon ensures that they are able to consistently earn good profits and grow their businesses. Using a product finder also reduces the risk of selling products that end up stuck in Amazon stores.

amazon research tool

Product Finders Ease Competitor Research

To succeed on Amazon, sellers must keep abreast of price changes at all times. But researching competitors can be a challenging thing to do on Amazon. This is not the case for sellers who use product finder tools. By using the best Amazon tools , sellers are able to analyse the competition by gaining access information such as the number of people who are selling similar items and the keywords they use to describe the products. 

Market Research Enables Sellers to Craft Marketing Strategies

To grow their Amazon businesses, sellers have to market their products to their target audience. With the information about products and market trends, sellers are able to develop effective marketing strategies to increase the visibility of their products on the site. The insights they have about keywords that customers use to find products on the eCommerce site come in hand in writing product titles and descriptions. This makes it possible for customers to find their products on Amazon.


Product research is an integral part of selling on Amazon. Failure to research the market and items can easily lead to loss of funds occasioned by high costs and low profit margins. When looking for items to sell on Amazon, avoid narrowing your search too much to the extent that you choose items in a very small niche. Instead, opt for an active market that enables you to sell products fast. Ensure that you calculate your profit margins well and do not give your products very low price tags. Pricing products too low causes buyers to view your products as fake or of low quality.


What You Should Know About Amazon Affiliate

written on 2020, Mar, 15 18:26

Back in 2018, around $235 billion were spent by millions of people in Amazon, and that’s just from the US alone. Imagine if the statistic involved global expenditure. With that said, it’s entirely possible to get a fair share of that revenue through Amazon affiliate marketing .

In this article, we’re going to talk about the Amazon Associates program and provide you with tips on how you can start earning by being an affiliate. 

What is the Program About?

The Amazon Associates program is an online affiliate marketing program by Amazon that was launched back in 1996. It basically allows website owners to advertise Amazon products on their site through the use of referral links and give them commissions each time a person clicks their links and buys the product.

In order to become an Amazon affiliate , you should first create your Amazon affiliate account . Fortunately, the program is free and fairly easy to use. After creating your account, you will have to wait for approval which usually takes around 24-48 hours. 

After your account gets approved, you can start including your referral links in your website and make an income each time a visitor clicks on your links and purchase a product from Amazon.

How to Start Earning Money

In order to earn money through Amazon affiliate marketing, you have to generate your affiliate links first. Fortunately, you can find a lot of ways to do so inside Amazon Associates. There are three different methods for adding ads and product links to your website. They’re as follows:


amazon affiliate account

Using banner ads is the simplest method to get your affiliate link into your website. The problem, however, is that it’s not as effective as the other methods when it comes to making sales. To get your own banner ad, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon affiliate account then click on “Banners”.
  2. After done, choose which category you want.
  3. You have the option to choose how big you want your banner to be. 
  4. Once you have decided, simply copy the HTML code which you can find under the banner then paste it on your website.

Text Link

A text link is the most effective method of referring visitors to Amazon. Here’s how you can get yours:

  1. Log in to your account then click on “Product Links”.
  2. Search for the product you want to promote.
  3. After that, click the “Get Link” button located on the right side of the item.
  4. You can decide whether you want Text Only, Image Only, or Text and Image. You can also choose the colors and whether you want it to open in a new window or not.
  5. Copy the HTML code which is located in the box below.
  6. After that, paste it on your website.

Native Ads

Native ads aren’t as effective as text links, but they do perform a bit better than banner ads. To get yours, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account then click on “Native Shopping Ads”.
  2. After that, pick the Native Shopping Ad type you want. To do so, simply click on “Create Ad Unit”. You can pick from either Recommendation Ads, Search Ads, and Custom Ads.
  3. Once done, choose which category or items you want to be included in your ad.
  4. Copy the HTML code then paste it on your website afterward.

How to Choose Which Products to Promote

In order to know which products to promote, your best bet is to head to Amazon’s Best Sellers page. From there, you can have an idea as to which products sell more compared to others. The best-selling products will be categorized into various departments which you can see on the left side.

You want to choose those products that are related to your niche. This way, there will be a higher chance that your visitors will click through your referral links and buy a product.

You also want to keep in mind to promote only high-quality products. Hence, you want to check for a product’s reviews and ratings to find that out.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our guide has explained to you how to become an Amazon affiliate and help you learn how you can start earning money through the program. Simply follow the steps we mentioned above, and you should be able to start promoting Amazon products with your affiliate links in them.


Helium 10 Review

written on 2020, Mar, 06 06:48

helium 10 plan

Currently, Amazon has over 2 million sellers. Looking at that figure, you know there is an oversaturation problem. This can make it hard to find a product and niche that offers two things that many Amazon sellers look for: high profits and low competition. But this doesn’t mean you should give up – Helium 10 is here to help.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a suite of tools built with the intention of helping you discover products that will sell well. Currently, there are 14 Helium 10 tools that allow you to take your product research to the next level. These tools help you do things like finding a profitable product, spying on competitors, finding high-ranking keywords and calculating FBA fees.

Helium 10 Pricing

helium 10 tools

When it comes to picking a Helium 10 plan, you basically have four basic options. Each Helium 10 pricing plan has a purpose.

  • Free ($0) : This plan gives you a taste of Helium 10’s core features in a rather limited setting.
  • Platinum ($97) : The Platinum plan is suited for new Amazon sellers while providing full access to the core features and imposing fewer limits than the Free plan.
  • Diamond ($197) : The Diamond plan is for Amazon businesses that are starting to expand and want a little more functionality and fewer limits than the Platinum plan.
  • Elite ($397) : This plan caters to everyone, as beginners can get specialized training and seasoned pros can have full access to all the features and significantly expanded limits.

Helium 10 Tools

Black Box

Black Box is Helium 10’s product research tool. It offers you a database of over 450 million products coupled with smart advanced filters to help you separate the opportunities from the risks.


Trendster shows you historical data, allowing you to see which products are guaranteed year-round hits by analyzing trends, such as pricing history and average rating from users. Plus, it has very pretty graphs that are nice to look at and easy to read.


If you’re looking for a Helium 10 extension, then Xray is the Helium 10 Chrome extension for you. It is made up of four tools that give you a snapshot of the market at a glance.

  • ASIN Grabber – For grabbing the ASIN No for a competing product to use in a reverse ASIN lookup.
  • Profitability Calculator – This tool calculates your FBA fees to let you know how much profit you stand to make.
  • Inventory Levels – A great way to quickly ascertain inventory levels for your Amazon listings.
  • Review Downloader – A tool for uncovering actionable insights by looking at reviews customers left for you and your competitors.


Magnet is Helium 10’s keyword tool with a large database containing high-volume keywords that will surely help you build a listing that will boost your PPC campaigns.

Keyword Tracker

How well are the keywords you bid for doing? Keyword Tracker gives you valuable insights into this question, allowing you to adjust your keyword strategy accordingly to increase profits.


Helium 10 Cerebro allows you to perform a reverse ASIN lookup to see what keywords your competitors are using to make their listings rank.


This tool allows you to extract commonly misspelled keywords and plug them into your listing to boost rankings significantly.


Frankenstein is a keyword processor, allowing you to take thousands of keywords and narrow them down to the most relevant ones. The cleaned-up list can then be used to create a high-ranking listing.


Scribbles is the perfect tool for keyword optimization of your listings. It makes sure that no relevant keyword is left out and that the keyword is used the right amount of times.

Index Checker

Index Checker in Helium 10 reviews ensures that you don’t miss any keywords that will get your listing indexed by Amazon. You can also spy on your competitors to discover what indexing keywords they’re using.


This tool allows you to ascertain the financial health of your product listings at a glance, showing your potential profits and losses.


Alerts is a tool that constantly monitors your ASINs and alerts you when it spots a counterfeit immediately. This gives you time to report the counterfeiters so their listing is removed and your bottom line and brand identity are protected.

Inventory Protector

This tool lets you limit the number of products someone can order. This prevents shoppers with discount codes from drastically reducing your inventory. It also prevents competitors from checking your inventory levels so you can always stay a step ahead of them.

Refund Genie

Getting refunded for lost or damaged inventory is cumbersome for FBA sellers. This tool for Helium10 x 4 automates the process for you, making it extremely easy to get reimbursed.


Amazon FBA Fees

written on 2020, Feb, 27 20:00

One of the major questions that run through the mind of those planning to venture into selling on Amazon is related to the FBA fees. They often ask how much are the FBA fees? Asking this question is important, so is finding the right answer to the question before you proceed to start selling on Amazon. 

Only when you know this can you have a rough estimate of how much you will be making after removing the fba fees from your total sales. Hence, we will be exploring information on how much Amazon fba costs and the effect it has on your sales.  

Types of Amazon FBA Fees

The Amazon FBA fees have six different types; they include: 

Referral Fees

Referral fees are paid when you make a successful sale of product on Amazon fba. The amount earned is an estimate of the total cost of the product sold. This is also influenced by the category the product falls in, but normally, it will not be more than 15% of the overall cost of the product. 

Variable closing fee

There is a flat fee that is charged on items that fall in some category. Products like books, DVDs, and other types of media products.

FBA fees

When you drop your products on the Amazon FBA fulfillment center, Amazon's fulfillment team will then pick your products, they pack the product, and ship them in the best way possible to the buyer of the product.

The FBA fees are designed to address all the cost that was incurred while sending your product to the buyer. One good thing about this fee is that it is massively cheaper than when you have to do the shipping yourself.

Individual seller fees

As a non-professional Amazon seller, you will be charged $1.0 on all Amazon fba products you sell.  

Subscription fees

Each month, as a professional seller on Amazon, you are expected to make a payment of $39.99. As a professional seller, you won’t be required to pay the $1 on each product sold. So, if you are sure you can sell up to 40 units in a month, then you should become a professional seller on Amazon. This will significantly lead to a reduction in the Amazon fba cost. 

Storage fees

Amazon's fulfillment center has their own warehouse where they keep all products. In order to reduce the time the product spends in the store, you are charged a fee for keeping your goods. This is to ensure fulfillment by Amazon fees.

Do you think these fees are much? When you compare them with the amount you earn or will earn from the amazon fba sales, you will be surprised.

On every sale made on amazon, you incur two types of fees, the FBA fees, and the referral fees. 

Amazon Referral Fees

When you sell on Amazon, you are expected to pay the referral fee for the items you are selling. For most of the categories, the referral fee, or minimum referral fee on each item will be paid by the seller. 

As a starter, ensure you go for categories with 15% or lower seller fees. As such, you will have a reduction in the amount of Amazon fba fees that you are paying. Categories that charge higher have a very slim chance of selling well — categories like clothing, branding items, jewelry, etc.  

Amazon Fulfillment Fees

Amazon fba fees refer to the charges you pay if you want your product to be picked, packed, and shipped to the desired destination. This often contains the shipping cost.  

You can significantly lower the FBA amazon cost by selecting lightweight products that can be easily packed. The smaller and lighter your product, the smaller the amazon fba fees you pay (as low as $3.19).

amazon fba fee

Individual vs. Professional Sellers

You have the option of picking either the professional or individual plans. For the individual plan, it comes with no monthly subscription fees, but on every sale you make, a total of $1 is deducted, and if you make many sales each month, then you will be paying a higher subscription fee.

If you are sure that you can complete at least 40 sales in a month, you should go for the professional package since you will be required to pay just $39.00 irrespective of the volume of goods you are selling.

Amazon FBA Storage Cost

How does the fulfillment by amazon fees work? This is an essential question. To use the Amazon fulfillment center, you will pay for storage costs. With this plan, you won’t want to store your product for long in the inventory. 


Amazon Keyword Tools: Your Secret Weapon

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best keyword research tool for amazon

Picture the scene.

You’ve hit upon (what you think) a wonderful product, that you are positive everyone in the world is going to want to buy from you immediately.

You bulk buy this product. You start dreaming about how your life is going to change. Pondering a bigger house, a better car, and lavish holidays once your wonderful product starts flying off Amazon’s shelves like the proverbial hotcakes.

Something weird happens. Your (now perhaps not-so-wonderful) product isn’t flying off the shelves. In fact, it’s barely selling to anyone at all.

Alas, you’ve fallen into the all too common trap of investing in a new product, without doing crucial research, and research into your keywords.

You had no clue whether your product was going to reach your intended customers, which is key.

Amazon’s Marketplace is a very competitive field indeed.

If your product is ranking on the third page of Amazon, or even lower, chances are, you’re not going to sell anything, no matter how wonderful your product might be.

Did you know? Over 66% of customers begin their search by looking for new items on Amazon. 

What does this mean for you?

If your products aren’t in pole position, you’re missing the boat on valuable revenue possibilities!

So you really need to be doing all you possibly can to make sure your product gets seen and heard.

To do this, you should focus on the wants, needs and potential demands of your intended customers.

Sounds easy? No, it doesn’t.

Happily, there are plenty of online tools available at your disposal to help you in your quest to gage your customers’ wants, needs and desires when it comes to product purchasing.

By having Amazon’s keyword tools in your toolkit allows you to bring together an actionable strategy to bring your product to market. Using actual data from actual people gives you key information to entice the maximum number of customers to your product listing.

All of this research is so worth it, as

1.      Your product will be so much more visible on Amazon

2.      Therefore, your product will sell more!

best keyword research tool for amazon

Let’s take a peek at some of the best tools on the market right now:

1.      IO Scout Keyword Tool

2.      Sonar

3.      Amazon’s Keyword Tool

4.      AMZ One

5.      Jungle Scout

6.      MerchantWords

7.      Seller App

8.      Helium 10

Amazon Keyword Tools FAQs

amazon keyword tool How do Keyword Tools generate Amazon keywords?

The Amazon search suggest function suggest the keywords. By taking the the seed keyword you give, the Keyword Tools generate the suggestions from the Amazon search box. 

amazon keyword research Are Keyword Tools Free?

There are some free trials and lite versions of online Keyword Tools, and likewise, some are on a subscription basis. Our suggestion would be to trial a couple to find the best fit, before committing to a subscription.

amazon keyword tool How many Keywords do Amazon allow?

In your listing, you have space for five lines in which to use your chosen keywords.

amazon keywords Are U.S and UK Marketplaces available on Keyword Tools?

Absolutely. Plus more countries' Marketplaces such as: Canada, Italy, Mexico, India, and many more.


Picture the scene.

Your wonderful product is on Amazon’s shelves. Everyone wants it. Everyone is buying it. You have a lovely, steady stream of income from your wonderful product.

And this is all because you did your keyword research before impulsively bulk-buying something new, but something that was not thoroughly researched.

An actionable, well-thought out strategy to bring your product to the ever-competitive Amazon Marketplace is a must.

Each of the keyword tools listed have benefits and disadvantages, and will enable you to monitor different areas of keyword research.

So, check them out to see which tools are going to work in the very best way for your business, and focus on your preferred method of tracking keywords, and creating new ones.

Every keyword tool has its specific features, however, that enable Amazon sellers to check different parameters.

Choosing an Amazon keyword tool that best suits your business needs is going to elevate your online Amazon sales. Good luck!


Keepa: All You Need to Know

written on 2020, Feb, 13 05:14

keepa review

Most times, Amazon users lose a lot of money because of fluctuating market trends and unexpected price changes. A lot of users need help when it comes to sourcing products and determining how to make the best possible decisions. Keepa is the ultimate Amazon price tracker to take away all of these problems.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is the ultimate Amazon price tracker that helps you make the best buying decisions. It shows users how well their products have performed over time and gives an insight into the price history and rankings of such products. Keepa review is a Chrome extension that can be linked directly to your Amazon account, making it easier to monitor and track price changes. Its user interface is perfect for showing users those factors that have influenced product sales and provides all of the necessary information you need at just one glance, while also highlighting suggestions that could improve product sales.

Keepa Pricing

Keepa Chrome Extension’s services can be accessed on a freemium basis. While most of its services can be accessed free of charge, £15 is required monthly to access Keepa extension’s premium services. For top sellers in the Amazon industry, this is a small price to pay for the extensive analysis that Keepa’s API provides.

Keepa Features

keepa api

Keepa plugin is useful in a vast number of ways, particularly for sales ranking and price history charts, which, as Amazon FBA sellers might have realized often times, is more useful than current data and information on product prices. It provides extremely detailed price charts for over a billion Amazon products.

Keepa Chrome Extension provides a number of features, it is the ultimate guide to monitoring and tracking product prices, sending alerts on price drops and/or fluctuations, as well as identifying other top sellers on the Amazon market. How to use Keepa efficiently is hinged on adequate knowledge of the use of these features:

·      Deals

·      Track

·      Apps

·      Data


keepa chrome extension

Keepa deals allow for a wide range of user choices on Amazon. You can choose from either new, used, collectible or FBA Amazon products, among others. Keepa deals show price drops based on the Amazon user’s criteria. The price drops are available for all Amazon categories of products. Since Keepa Chrome is an Amazon affiliated program, you can be rest assured that all of the data you would get from the Chrome Extension is accurate and not subject to shady input from third-party owners.

Users may specify the extent of the drop interval they want to see on their products. The drop interval may be specified from either a day, to a week and beyond. The filter requirements are tailored to suit almost all of the user needs. Search results may also be sorted by percentage, price, drop, sales rank, etc.


keepa review

This is the most requested feature on Keepa’s API. Users can choose those deals they want to monitor, and Keepa automatically notifies them once the product drops below their desired price. They can compare and track prices on all international Amazon products, as well as import their Amazon wish-list to Keepa and create price watches for each of the products on it. Basically, all you need to do is set up a tracking request for your chosen product(s), and Keepa notifies you by email, Telegram, Facebook or RSS immediately there is a price drop lower than your specifications.

Users may alternatively decide to set up price watches straight from Amazon with the Keepa Chrome Extension. This process does not need any form of registration and it is absolutely free! Amazing right?


keepa app

Keepa may be used as extensions on a number of applications. This way, Amazon users can use all of the program’s features without even leaving the Amazon website! This way, it is much easier to monitor market trends and track price changes. Along with the Keepa Chrome Extension, Keepa plugin may also be used for Mozilla Firefox, and Edge on Windows 10. Although the Keepa extension is not available on the Opera add-ons website, users may access Keepa through the Chrome Extension. It is a more efficient way to track product prices with detailed price charts.


keepa review

Apart from monitoring price drops, Keepa also monitors price increases. Its extensive Buy Box information provides price histories and seller information for selected products, with deep-links to its corresponding best-seller lists containing up to 500,000 ASINs. Keepa Review’s data features include:

·      Product Finder

·      Best Seller Lists

·      Top Seller List

·      Category Tree

·      Price Increase Tracking

Final Thoughts

Keepa is a highly efficient tool to run a profitable Amazon business. It aids its users in reaching better product sourcing and pricing decisions, all for a meager sum. It is a highly recommended program for those into full-time retail arbitrage, as well as those looking to spice up their eCommerce business.


·       How do I use Keepa extension in Chrome?

To install the Keepa Chrome extension, all you have to do is to open Google Chrome.

-         Load the program on the Chrome Web Store.

-         Select the Add to Chrome or Add to Desktop button.

-         Select the Add extension button.

·       How do I install Keepa?

You can install Keepa as a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension on your computer. All you need to do is to install the program’s add-on from your web browser.

·       Does Keepa have an app?

Unfortunately, Keepa does not have a mobile application. However, you can use the program’s extension on your mobile if you have Firefox on mobile for Android.

·       How do I cancel Keepa?

Premium Keepa subscriptions may be canceled at any time from your user account should you choose to discontinue premium services. However, you will lose access to vital information like Sales Rank History, Buy Box, etc.


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