Amazon Keyword Tools: Your Secret Weapon

created on 2020, Feb, 19 01:42

best keyword research tool for amazon

Picture the scene.

You’ve hit upon (what you think) a wonderful product, that you are positive everyone in the world is going to want to buy from you immediately.

You bulk buy this product. You start dreaming about how your life is going to change. Pondering a bigger house, a better car, and lavish holidays once your wonderful product starts flying off Amazon’s shelves like the proverbial hotcakes.

Something weird happens. Your (now perhaps not-so-wonderful) product isn’t flying off the shelves. In fact, it’s barely selling to anyone at all.

Alas, you’ve fallen into the all too common trap of investing in a new product, without doing crucial research, and research into your keywords.

You had no clue whether your product was going to reach your intended customers, which is key.

Amazon’s Marketplace is a very competitive field indeed.

If your product is ranking on the third page of Amazon, or even lower, chances are, you’re not going to sell anything, no matter how wonderful your product might be.

Did you know? Over 66% of customers begin their search by looking for new items on Amazon. 

What does this mean for you?

If your products aren’t in pole position, you’re missing the boat on valuable revenue possibilities!

So you really need to be doing all you possibly can to make sure your product gets seen and heard.

To do this, you should focus on the wants, needs and potential demands of your intended customers.

Sounds easy? No, it doesn’t.

Happily, there are plenty of online tools available at your disposal to help you in your quest to gage your customers’ wants, needs and desires when it comes to product purchasing.

By having Amazon’s keyword tools in your toolkit allows you to bring together an actionable strategy to bring your product to market. Using actual data from actual people gives you key information to entice the maximum number of customers to your product listing.

All of this research is so worth it, as

1.      Your product will be so much more visible on Amazon

2.      Therefore, your product will sell more!

best keyword research tool for amazon

Let’s take a peek at some of the best tools on the market right now:

1.      IO Scout Keyword Tool

2.      Sonar

3.      Amazon’s Keyword Tool

4.      AMZ One

5.      Jungle Scout

6.      MerchantWords

7.      Seller App

8.      Helium 10

Amazon Keyword Tools FAQs

amazon keyword tool How do Keyword Tools generate Amazon keywords?

The Amazon search suggest function suggest the keywords. By taking the the seed keyword you give, the Keyword Tools generate the suggestions from the Amazon search box. 

amazon keyword research Are Keyword Tools Free?

There are some free trials and lite versions of online Keyword Tools, and likewise, some are on a subscription basis. Our suggestion would be to trial a couple to find the best fit, before committing to a subscription.

amazon keyword tool How many Keywords do Amazon allow?

In your listing, you have space for five lines in which to use your chosen keywords.

amazon keywords Are U.S and UK Marketplaces available on Keyword Tools?

Absolutely. Plus more countries' Marketplaces such as: Canada, Italy, Mexico, India, and many more.


Picture the scene.

Your wonderful product is on Amazon’s shelves. Everyone wants it. Everyone is buying it. You have a lovely, steady stream of income from your wonderful product.

And this is all because you did your keyword research before impulsively bulk-buying something new, but something that was not thoroughly researched.

An actionable, well-thought out strategy to bring your product to the ever-competitive Amazon Marketplace is a must.

Each of the keyword tools listed have benefits and disadvantages, and will enable you to monitor different areas of keyword research.

So, check them out to see which tools are going to work in the very best way for your business, and focus on your preferred method of tracking keywords, and creating new ones.

Every keyword tool has its specific features, however, that enable Amazon sellers to check different parameters.

Choosing an Amazon keyword tool that best suits your business needs is going to elevate your online Amazon sales. Good luck!

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