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Most times, Amazon users lose a lot of money because of fluctuating market trends and unexpected price changes. A lot of users need help when it comes to sourcing products and determining how to make the best possible decisions. Keepa is the ultimate Amazon price tracker to take away all of these problems.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is the ultimate Amazon price tracker that helps you make the best buying decisions. It shows users how well their products have performed over time and gives an insight into the price history and rankings of such products. Keepa review is a Chrome extension that can be linked directly to your Amazon account, making it easier to monitor and track price changes. Its user interface is perfect for showing users those factors that have influenced product sales and provides all of the necessary information you need at just one glance, while also highlighting suggestions that could improve product sales.

Keepa Pricing

Keepa Chrome Extension’s services can be accessed on a freemium basis. While most of its services can be accessed free of charge, £15 is required monthly to access Keepa extension’s premium services. For top sellers in the Amazon industry, this is a small price to pay for the extensive analysis that Keepa’s API provides.

Keepa Features

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Keepa plugin is useful in a vast number of ways, particularly for sales ranking and price history charts, which, as Amazon FBA sellers might have realized often times, is more useful than current data and information on product prices. It provides extremely detailed price charts for over a billion Amazon products.

Keepa Chrome Extension provides a number of features, it is the ultimate guide to monitoring and tracking product prices, sending alerts on price drops and/or fluctuations, as well as identifying other top sellers on the Amazon market. How to use Keepa efficiently is hinged on adequate knowledge of the use of these features:

·      Deals

·      Track

·      Apps

·      Data


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Keepa deals allow for a wide range of user choices on Amazon. You can choose from either new, used, collectible or FBA Amazon products, among others. Keepa deals show price drops based on the Amazon user’s criteria. The price drops are available for all Amazon categories of products. Since Keepa Chrome is an Amazon affiliated program, you can be rest assured that all of the data you would get from the Chrome Extension is accurate and not subject to shady input from third-party owners.

Users may specify the extent of the drop interval they want to see on their products. The drop interval may be specified from either a day, to a week and beyond. The filter requirements are tailored to suit almost all of the user needs. Search results may also be sorted by percentage, price, drop, sales rank, etc.


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This is the most requested feature on Keepa’s API. Users can choose those deals they want to monitor, and Keepa automatically notifies them once the product drops below their desired price. They can compare and track prices on all international Amazon products, as well as import their Amazon wish-list to Keepa and create price watches for each of the products on it. Basically, all you need to do is set up a tracking request for your chosen product(s), and Keepa notifies you by email, Telegram, Facebook or RSS immediately there is a price drop lower than your specifications.

Users may alternatively decide to set up price watches straight from Amazon with the Keepa Chrome Extension. This process does not need any form of registration and it is absolutely free! Amazing right?


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Keepa may be used as extensions on a number of applications. This way, Amazon users can use all of the program’s features without even leaving the Amazon website! This way, it is much easier to monitor market trends and track price changes. Along with the Keepa Chrome Extension, Keepa plugin may also be used for Mozilla Firefox, and Edge on Windows 10. Although the Keepa extension is not available on the Opera add-ons website, users may access Keepa through the Chrome Extension. It is a more efficient way to track product prices with detailed price charts.


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Apart from monitoring price drops, Keepa also monitors price increases. Its extensive Buy Box information provides price histories and seller information for selected products, with deep-links to its corresponding best-seller lists containing up to 500,000 ASINs. Keepa Review’s data features include:

·      Product Finder

·      Best Seller Lists

·      Top Seller List

·      Category Tree

·      Price Increase Tracking

Final Thoughts

Keepa is a highly efficient tool to run a profitable Amazon business. It aids its users in reaching better product sourcing and pricing decisions, all for a meager sum. It is a highly recommended program for those into full-time retail arbitrage, as well as those looking to spice up their eCommerce business.


·       How do I use Keepa extension in Chrome?

To install the Keepa Chrome extension, all you have to do is to open Google Chrome.

-         Load the program on the Chrome Web Store.

-         Select the Add to Chrome or Add to Desktop button.

-         Select the Add extension button.

·       How do I install Keepa?

You can install Keepa as a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension on your computer. All you need to do is to install the program’s add-on from your web browser.

·       Does Keepa have an app?

Unfortunately, Keepa does not have a mobile application. However, you can use the program’s extension on your mobile if you have Firefox on mobile for Android.

·       How do I cancel Keepa?

Premium Keepa subscriptions may be canceled at any time from your user account should you choose to discontinue premium services. However, you will lose access to vital information like Sales Rank History, Buy Box, etc.

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