4 Reasons to Use Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

written on 2020, Mar, 24 00:17

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The success of any Amazon business depends on finding profitable products to sell. There are millions of items that one can sell on Amazon - but the question is, how can one find the right ones? To find good products, sellers have to research the market and the best selling items thoroughly. Sellers can achieve this by either conducting a manual search or an automated search. 

Manual searches are tedious and time consuming. It means combing though the huge amazon product database without the help of a software. On the other hand, an automated search is fast and efficient because the seller uses an amazon product research software to analyze products and competition. 

What is Amazon Product Research?

Product research refers to the process of analyzing items and market trends with a view of identifying those that would sell best in the Amazon marketplace. Just try an amazon sales calculator for your business. The purpose of undertaking this kind of research is to find products that one can sell at a profit. 

There are several things that sellers should pay attention to when they are conducting amazon product analysis when conducting product search. These include:

  • Weight of items and size of the products 
  • Level of competition and demand of the products 
  • Problems that the products might have that needs to be addressed
  • The selling price and profit margins of the products 

To earn money on Amazon, sellers should opt to sell:

  • Small sized, lightweight products
  • Items that are on high demand and that can sell throughout the year
  • Items have low competition or that are not being sold by big companies
  • Products that have room for improvement 
  • Items that have a decent profit margin 
  • Items that have a selling price of not more than $18 or less than $10
  • Items that are not fragile and have no legal issues

Why Every Seller Needs an Amazon Research Tool

An amazon product finder is one of the most important tools that every seller needs to develop strategies for his or her Amazon business. There are numerous benefits that such a tool offers sellers. These include:

Research Tools Save Time for Sellers

Product research can be a time-consuming and arduous task that takes even the most experienced Amazon sellers several hours to complete. If you are a beginner, you could spend days doing this kind of research. Considering that you have other tasks like fulfilling orders, managing feedback, and reviews, using research tools for to conduct Amazon FBA product research  can save you many hours and energy by giving you the results you need in just minutes.

Amazon Market Research helps Sellers Reduce Risk

Sellers who conduct product research using the best amazon tools reduce the risk of starting businesses that do not perform well. Product finder tools ensure that This is because finding the right items to sell on Amazon ensures that they are able to consistently earn good profits and grow their businesses. Using a product finder also reduces the risk of selling products that end up stuck in Amazon stores.

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Product Finders Ease Competitor Research

To succeed on Amazon, sellers must keep abreast of price changes at all times. But researching competitors can be a challenging thing to do on Amazon. This is not the case for sellers who use product finder tools. By using the best Amazon tools , sellers are able to analyse the competition by gaining access information such as the number of people who are selling similar items and the keywords they use to describe the products. 

Market Research Enables Sellers to Craft Marketing Strategies

To grow their Amazon businesses, sellers have to market their products to their target audience. With the information about products and market trends, sellers are able to develop effective marketing strategies to increase the visibility of their products on the site. The insights they have about keywords that customers use to find products on the eCommerce site come in hand in writing product titles and descriptions. This makes it possible for customers to find their products on Amazon.


Product research is an integral part of selling on Amazon. Failure to research the market and items can easily lead to loss of funds occasioned by high costs and low profit margins. When looking for items to sell on Amazon, avoid narrowing your search too much to the extent that you choose items in a very small niche. Instead, opt for an active market that enables you to sell products fast. Ensure that you calculate your profit margins well and do not give your products very low price tags. Pricing products too low causes buyers to view your products as fake or of low quality.


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